Guidelines & Procedures

Policies procedures & operation summer 2020 


As you may have read out of school settings are under government guidelines allowed to take 15 children to 1 adult member of staff per group/bubble.

we have taken the view that this summer our bubbles will be around a 1-10 ratio. This however will does come with some restrictions and extra provisions. we ask that you read the following sections below.

Restrictions of booking:

In the interest of safety and in line with government policy we ask the following:

1) Parents must keep their child booked in the same bubble all summer

2) Parents must not use more than one other childcare setting other than our provision to avoid the spread of setting to setting transmission.

3) Any sign of illness covid-19 or non covid-19 related must be reported to the head of camp within 24 hours, via email or phone call 07709816951 

4) Track and Trace details mut be filled in before attendance – This is now included as part of checkout with our new booking system

5) To limit the spread of covid-19 only local residents may use the setting these are people who live or attend schools in the following areas: Eccleston, Heskin Croston, Mawedesley, Ulnes Walton & Bretherton. This is government policy to limit the spread of any outbreaks.

All of the points stipulated must be adhered to or it may result in the cancellation of your child’s booking.

Your child and personal sanitation:

Although we will have sanitation stations, we must insist your child has their own hand sanitizer and wipes this is to limit communal use of sanitation products and also avoid any allergic reactions to products supplied by us that may not be suitable to your child’s skin.

Event of any illness/injury

All injuries and illnesses will be logged in a central camp book, parents will be notified on collection. Should we need to contact you direct as further consultation is needed, we will ring via your emergency numbers registered on your contact details form.

We would ask that if your child is ill you arrange collection as soon as possible, we will have a separate medical/isolation tent on the premises to avoid any spread of illness.

In the event of your child needing medical assistance you will be rang immediately, all our staff are first aid trained. Should your child have a registered medical condition, we will follow any specialist details left with us. We ask that the staff member and head of camp are made aware on the booking details form and also in person on your child’s day of attendance.

Food/ allergies:

IMPORTANT: We ask that all parents ensure there are no products with nuts or peas/ lentils in their child’s food provision, this is to keep other children with allergies safe. Anything with these in will have to be removed and disposed of by staff.

We also ask that no food sharing takes place each child must have their own individual food container/storage bag for each day.

Sun cream/ sun provision:

To keep protected from the sun, we ask all parents to ensure your child has sun cream applied at the start of the day and also has provision for during the day. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and child protection staff WILL NOT be able to apply the cream/spay.

We will however instruct your child how to put the cream on and apply evenly to ensure they are protected as best as possible. We also ask for the use of a sun cap/hat in their bag/belongings.

Miss Haps

All children must be toilet trained, but in the event of an accident/illness we ask you to make sure there is a spare change of clothing. We will phone you to make sure you are aware there has been a miss hap and ask you to attend to help or alternatively use 2 members of staff to direct your child of how to clean/change themselves. The first member of staff will instruct and the second member supervise that all safeguarding is adhered to. Both staff will then log how the incident was dealt with.

You may ask to be on the phone during this time to ensure your child has support peace of mind and is happy to continue the day. All staff are DBS checked and cleared.

Safeguarding concerns/ complaints procedure:

All staff are DBS checked and cleared, we only use staff that we know trust and have relevant experience, they all have valid and recent DBS checks and are up to date on safeguarding procedures.

In the event that a safeguarding issue is raised we ask the following:

That the head of camp is notified in writing, the details of an incident are contained with times and date this will be dealt with in strict confidence and resolved with an appropriate investigation/further action.

In the event of a positive covid-19 case on setting:

Should a COVID-19 positive case be found on the camp we will follow all guidelines using track and trace and the guidance of relevant authorities. You will be notified and asked to follow all government quarantine procedures and seek testing where possible.

Operation of camp:

With bubbles in mind, we are putting the following procedures in place:

Drop off and collection:

Only one parent/adult may drop off/ pick up your child, they must not under any circumstances be dropped off or picked up by the parent of another child in attendance.

We will have 3 separate drop off and collection points for each bubble to avoid the congregation of parents.

Each bubble will have its own designated toilets, marquee, area and creativity/active space separate from all other bubbles.

The staff member in charge will ensure all social distancing, facility and hand sanitisation, surface and equipment cleaning is followed on a regular basis.

Each bubble will have their own set of equipment, we ask if you have your own racket/ pens pencils you allow your child to bring them to avoid the potential of any spread.

Behaviour policy:

We aim for sports camp to be a fun friendly place for your child to use therefore the following are not tolerated:

  • Physical violence
  • Verbal expletives
  • Spitting
  • Emotional abuse
  • Stealing/removal of anther attendees’ possessions
  • Verbal or physical abuse towards staff.

All incidents will be logged and parents rang, anything deemed to cause intentional physical or emotion distress to another child will result in the exclusion of the relevant attendee.

If you have a concern that needs to be dealt with, or your child is apprehensive of a situation please contact Stuart in confidence, and we will ensure we do our best to make your child’s place on camp an enjoyable and memorable one.

We would like to thank you for supporting us this year and endeavour to make this summer an enjoyable friendly and safe experience for all children.

Best Wishes

Stuart Grice

Head of Sports Camp